Sistine Chapel Interior Low Poly 3D Model
Sistine Chapel, low poly 3d model3ds max file includes Render Setup with Lighting and camera setup. Special notes:- .fbx format is recommended for import in other 3d software. If your software...
Sales: 6
1996 Chevrolet Impala 3D Model
Chevrolet Impala SS low-poly 3d model ready for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), games and other real-time textures:PNG - 2K resolution other available formats: obj, 3ds, fbx,...
Sales: 4
2004 Porsche 911 GT3 996 3d model
Porsche 911 GT3 (996) low-poly 3d model ready for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), games and other real-time textures:PNG - 2K resolution other available formats: obj, 3ds,...
Sales: 1
Coffee beans 3D Model
5 coffee bean Corona render format: 3ds max, fbx, obj, 3dsArchive include only 5 coffee beans and texture, without scene with cup!
Sales: 3
Eyeball Realistic 3dModel
Eyeball Realistic Low-poly Game Ready 3dModel. This is a high quality realistic asset made for Real-Time engines using PBR technology as seen in modern AAA games. It also can be used in...
Stylized Hand painted Pistol Low Poly
General Information This high quality stylized low poly gun would be ideal in any themed game.The model are created in blender 3.0 and 3ds max 2018for texturing substance 3d painter is used and...
Lemon GameReady Low-poly 3D model
The 3D lemon model was prepared with a blender. With low polygon, it is game ready in all your game projects or you can easily use it in your render projects. It contains 1k and 4k textures. Thanks...
Male Head Sculpt 3D Model
Male Head Sculpt, 3D Head Sculpt model, that is created to help you create your character. The model is suitable for any visual production - zbrush, other sculpt application and the broadcast,...
Handgun 3D Low Poly Model
Handgun 3D Model Low Poly Model By Blender 3.3.1 Textures Not Include! Render By Marmoset Toolbag 4 It is a level of work that can adapt to many game projects
Chess Horse Lowpoly 3D model
Chess Horse Lowpoly 3D model. You can use it easily in your 3d projects, you can use it in your games. You can use it in your render projects . You can make it much better quality by changing
Metal Can High Poly 3D model
Metal Can is a 3d model. You can use it easily in your 3d projects, you can use it in your games. You can use it in your render projects . You can make it much better quality by changing
3D Animated Travel Illustration
Travel design in motion? Introducing the 3D Animated Travel Icon Set. From planning and booking to departure and arrival, this unique icon pack grabs everyone’s attention.
Chess Pawn Lowpoly 3D model
Chess Pawn Lowpoly 3D model. You can use it easily in your 3d projects, you can use it in your games. You can use it in your render projects . You can make it much better quality by changing
Screwdriver Lowpoly 3d Model
Human Eyeball Pack 3d model with 2K PBR maps 3 colors: Old, New, Gold Use this model for any purpose. It is suitable for video and static visualization.
Boxing Bag 3D model Game Ready
3D Boxing Bag modelAll textures and materials are included and mapped in every format. The model is completely ready for use visualization in any 3d software and game engines (Unreal 4 ,...
Sci Fi Gun - Encre 3D Model
_Desc._ Sci-Fi Laser Bluster Assault Gun. It is rigged and properly skinned for animation. Provided the a Blend File, High quality textures, FBX file (For Unity and Unreal Engine) to export to Game...

3D Graphics to Download - OBJ, C4D, FBX, STL, 3DS formats

3D graphics are widely appreciated across the web.

Their popularity and usage are strictly related to their ability to represent whatever type of object or concept in the most realistic way possible.

3D graphics look highly professional and deeply detailed, and they’re the right option to choose for many purposes. For instance, product presentations, prototyping, and much more.

They are not only eye-catching, but they also provide the flexibility you need to adapt their style to the one you used for the other elements of your content or edit them according to your needs.

For beginners, though, it can be extremely challenging and even expensive to produce a fully functioning 3D graphic that looks great and works smoothly.

Thus, if you’re a beginner or inexperienced, you may end up with poor or zero results.

You may opt for buying ready-to-use 3D graphics in such a case, as it will be a more convenient solution for you.

The web is full of expert designers that sell their professional artworks. Thus, you’ll be able to find one that suits your necessities easily.

3D Graphics at Templateog体育首页

Across the Templateog体育首页 marketplace, you’ll find many 3D graphics. Each graphic is related to a specific topic and has a unique design.

Plus, all the graphics are available in different file formats and compatible with multiple editing programs. Thus, you’ll be able to edit them according to your needs or necessities easily.

To make the research quicker and more straightforward, you can filter the results by topic, price range, file format, compatible program, color, and so on. This way, you’ll get only the results you might be interested in.

3D Graphic topics

As previously mentioned, 3D graphics can be related to different topics. Regardless of the industry in which you operate, you can find a corresponding representation. The following are some of the common topics you’ll encounter:

  • nature;
  • food;
  • technology;
  • vehicles;
  • science;
  • military;
  • urban;
  • games;
  • landscape;
  • animals;
  • building.

How to edit 3D graphics

Even if you decide to buy ready-to-use 3D graphics, most of them are editable. This means that once you’ve bought them, you can edit them partially or entirely. The following are some of the most popular editing programs you can use:

  • Cinema 4D;
  • Maya;
  • Blender;
  • Unity;
  • Unreal;
  • SketchUp;
  • Zbrush.

3D file formats

3D graphics are available in many formats. You can choose the one that best suits your needs, the intended use, or that is compatible with the editing program you use. The following are some of the most popular 3D file formats:

  • FBX;
  • OBJ;
  • STL;
  • 3DS;
  • MAX;
  • C4D;
  • BLEND.

Differences between 2D and 3D graphics

The key difference between 2D and 3D graphics refers to the actual dimensions in a computer workspace. Two-dimensional graphics are flat, using the vertical and horizontal (Z and Y) dimensions. In other words, they only have two dimensions, and if you turn them to the side, they become lines.

Instead, three-dimensional graphics present a third dimension (Z). This additional dimensional factor allows for rotation and visualization from multiple angles, making the graphic look much more realistic than 2D images.

Pros and cons of 2D graphics

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of both 2D and 3D graphics will help you make the right choice. This is why we listed the pros and cons that characterize the two types of graphics.

Here are the advantages that 2D graphics present:

  • A more affordable alternative to 3D graphics;
  • Flat design and simple movements may be more appealing to some viewers;
  • Easily implementable on any web page;
  • Many editing programs, including Photoshop, support this type of graphic.

2D graphics, however, present some disadvantages as well:

  • Compared with 3D graphics, these representations are less realistic;
  • Inability to showcase multiple perspectives;
  • Small shading colors;
  • Loading times are slower.

Pros and cons of 3D graphics

Similar to 2D graphics, also 3D graphics have their pros and cons. Based on these, you’ll be able to make the best choice for your necessities and preferences.

A few of the most important benefits of 3D graphics are:

  • They let you show off multiple perspectives of a project or product;
  • Much more realistic looking;
  • Quicker to create and load than 2D graphics;
  • Offer interactive opportunities to the users;
  • Easy to animate.

Instead, they are disadvantageous in the following ways:

  • Cost more than 2D graphics;
  • May not be accessible on all devices and types of content;
  • It's more difficult to use production programs because they're more niche.

Which should I choose: 2D or 3D graphics?

The choice you should make between 2D, and 3D graphics widely depends on your necessities and preferences.

If you’d like to use graphics only to impress the viewers and provide them with a positive feeling about your brand, 2D graphics may be superior to 3D in performing this function. 2D graphics are simpler, more friendly, and accessible and positively influence people’s moods.

Instead, if you intend to showcase a product or a project deep in detail, 3D graphics will get the job done more professionally than 2D graphics. This happens because three-dimensional graphics let you showcase the object or anything else from multiple perspectives. By exploring and analyzing the product more closely, visitors and potential customers will feel more confident and comfortable making an online purchase.

How to choose the best 3D graphic

Choosing among hundreds and hundreds of 3D graphics can be quite difficult. However, some considerations will help you make the best choice for your necessities.

Below we listed some of the most relevant.

Topic or industry-related

One of the first things you should look at when looking for a 3D graphic is its relation to the industry you or your business operate in or the topic of your content. Choosing graphics that are now related at all might look unprofessional and confusing.

Choose the right file format and consider the compatibility

Another important aspect to consider when choosing a 3D graphic is the file format in which it is available and its compatibility with the editing program you intend to use if you’d like to bring changes.

There are many file formats among which to choose. However, one is better than another if considering specific uses or aims.

Complete pack

If you need a pack of 3D graphics instead of a single one, you should make sure that it contains all the representations of objects or elements you need for your project. If not so, you may be forced to buy other graphics with other designs and colors. In such a case, your overall content may look messy and unprofessional.


If you’re part of or own a small business, budget availability might be an important factor to consider as well. As 3D graphics can sometimes be relatively expensive, you might have to settle for simpler and cheaper designs.

What to use 3D graphics for

As for other types of traditional images, also 3D graphics are quite versatile. This means you can use them for different purposes and types of content.

Below we listed some of the most common 3D graphics uses.

Product presentations

One of the most popular uses of 3D graphics is for product presentations. Whether you’d like to showcase them on your e-commerce or mobile app, a three-dimensional representation is the best choice. It will allow users and visitors to explore the details and analyze your product with precision. This will reinforce the credibility of your brand, giving it a professional appearance and enhancing its reputation.


Games are quickly improving their visual quality and definition. The more time passes, the more realistic they seem. If you want to offer such an experience, you should use 3D graphics. This will allow you to provide users with a 360-degree visual experience, making the game more engaging and encouraging them to spend more time playing.

Prototypes and projects

3D graphics are not only meant for games and products. They can also be used within the health, medical, engineering, and architectural industries to create and show prototypes and projects. The three-dimensional view will allow us to explore them in detail and bring the necessary changes to make them look and work better.


3D graphics are also used in the movie industry. They help film producers to create amazing graphics that couldn’t be otherwise possible with the traditional and physical production processes. Especially when it comes to adventure and action movies, 3D graphics and modeling can’t be missed anymore.

Best 3D modeling editing software

Whether you’d like to create your 3D graphics from scratch or edit the ready-made you’ve bought, you need to use a 3D-compatible editing program.

Each available software may require a different level of expertise and present different costs.

Below we listed some of the most popular 3D editing programs with their characteristics and prices. This way, you’ll be able to make your choice quicker and in the best way possible.

Cinema 4D

Maxon’s Cinema 4D is one of the best programs for motion graphics, visualization, and illustration. It’s a professional program, and it is known for being the 3D modeling software with the easiest learning curve.

It isn’t cheap software and offers different price plans based on your necessities. If you’re in doubt, you can take advantage of the 14-day free trial it offers. In addition, you’ll also have access to the free educational program.


ZBrush is another professional software and one of the favorite choices among artists that work on 3D projects and illustrations.

The program offers a user interface that is pretty difficult to learn. This means it wouldn’t be a perfect choice if you’re a beginner or have no experience at all. In the alternative, you should practice at least every day to become proficient with it.

Autodesk 3ds Max

Autodesk 3ds Max is a 3D computer graphics program mainly used for film production and architectural and project visualizations. It offers a wide range of tools for 3D modelings, such as animation, fluid simulations, and much more.

The program is quite expensive. However, a free trial option is available, and students can use it for free.


Blender is a free and open-source program that makes modeling, texturing, and animation easy.

It offers 3D modeling and sculpting tool sets. Despite it being a free program, it can let you create the same professional design you’d generate by using a paid one.


SketchUp is one of the easiest 3D editing programs to use. Thus, it is the perfect solution for you if you’re a beginner or have no experience at all. Its library also offers a wide range of 3D models produced by designers that you can freely implement into your project.

3D Graphics Unlimited Download with og体育首页ONE

If your project, website, or any other type of asset requires more than a single 3D graphic, a subscription to the og体育首页ONE plan might be a more convenient solution for your needs. It will allow you to access and download unlimited 3D graphics designed by experts.

3D Graphics FAQ

What do you mean by 3D graphics?

3D graphics comprise the creation and manipulation of objects represented in three dimensions using specific software.

Can 3D graphics be animated?

Yes, you can easily animate 3D graphics. They can create cartoons, intros, motion graphics, visual effects, and much more.

What 3D software do graphic designers use?

Autodesk’s AutoCAD is one of the most used 3D modeling applications. It’s used by engineers, industrial, and graphic designers.

Which is better: Cinema 4D or Blender?

Blender is free and offers a wide range of animations, simulations, and 3D printing. Instead, Cinema 4D is a paid option and is mainly used to create videos, animations, and motion graphics.

How to convert 3D graphics from FBX to OBJ?

If you’d like to convert your 3D graphics from FBX to OBJ, you can use one of the many available online free converters, such as AnyConv.