Landing Pages Video Background Solutions for Anyone

A landing page is one of the most popular and proven ways to attract prospects nowadays. It is a simple-to-navigate website with lead-oriented elements, like contact forms and various call-to-action buttons. When designed professionally, landings make one of the key elements of a company's digital marketing. The main task of such a website is to make visitors perform a specific action. For example, complete a registration or download a product for free. One could easily create online campaigns and persuade prospects to take action with video background landing page templates. Since visuals are one of the first things leads see when entering the site, you should ensure your images and videos are eye-friendly. Our landing pages video background products have everything and anything for a brilliant online presence.

Who Needs a Background Video Landing Page?

So, the main function of landing is to generate leads that would further the development of a business or company. Templateog体育首页's landing pages video background products include lead-capture forms to collect visitors' data, including registration forms and newsletters. One gets everything ready-made by purchasing the templates. It is perfect for anyone serious about their brand identity, including:

  • Marketers, developers, designers & SEO specialists;
  • Users that earn with website creation;
  • Brands and companies looking for corporate identity solutions;
  • Young website owners who want to increase their audience;
  • New-born startups with testable auditory;
  • Web store owners promoting single products;
  • eCommerce projects promoting best-sellers & new arrivals.

Background video landing page gives even more chances to succeed. It is a smart strategy to invite prospects to explore your website and get more information about your offer.

7 Reasons to Add Video Background to the Website's Design

So, a video background is a short video we usually see on the homepage. The feature adds a cinematic element and engages people to view the content. Using a video for your background is a step above regular stock photography. Most popular organizations and companies choose the gesture to release their lines and showcase best-selling items. Why should one consider using landing pages video background templates?

Here are some reasons to choose a landing page with a video background.

  1. It creates an unusual online presence through customization. One could effortlessly personalize the background to their taste.
  2. It is an excellent way to build brand recognition. There could be logos, product images, brand messages, and more. It would register the company in the viewer's memory and make it more recognizable for you to promote.
  3. Such a trendy background is a working way to show off your personality and the company's creativity.
  4. It boosts sales! Experts say that 85% of prospects are most likely to purchase after they view a product video.
  5. The same research shows the feature would bring an 80% conversion increase.
  6. When created properly, a video helps to maintain uniformity. It lets viewers stay focused on your services without overloading the website's look.
  7. It is easier to digest information and attract attention to details.

Landing Page Video Background Website's Styles

Modern templates for landing page video background projects come with all the features ready-made. They cover all possible and impossible topics and provide multiple design solutions, including the following:

  • Minimalist;
  • Material;
  • Artwork;
  • Grunge;
  • Flat design;
  • Corporate;
  • Clean;
  • Mobile;
  • Geometric;
  • Vector;
  • Retro;
  • Paper-made, and more.

You can easily tweak the product's settings to make it look unique. The layout is fully customizable. One can edit it with a built-in drag & drop builder. Besides, you have fully changeable color schemes and many pre-made web design elements in the set for landing pages video background website.

Topics to Cover with Landing Pages Video Background Products

What website can one manage with the help of a professional landing page video template? Templateog体育首页's gallery offers products for any taste. There are templates for websites representing:

  • Food, beverages & delivery;
  • Mining, finance & cryptocurrency;
  • The medical project, equipment, pills, and doctor;
  • Fashion, stylist, beauty, hairdresser, etc.;
  • Sports, outdoors & travel;
  • Booking agency;
  • Air conditioning & repair;
  • IT, development;
  • SEO & marketing;
  • Photography, art & culture;
  • Clothes, shoes, lingerie & accessories;
  • Casino & gambling;
  • Healthcare;
  • Kids centers, kindergarten, school & education;
  • Call center & technical support;
  • Hotel & booking;
  • Architecture, exterior & interior design;
  • Handmade gifts & holidays, etc.

Our products are much more than single-page templates. You can launch feature-rich websites without touching a single line of code. These could be blogs, portfolios, eCommerce projects, one-product pages, etc.

What is inside the landing pages video background product pack? Let's see!

SEO-Oriented Video Background Landing Page

Even if you are new to website building, you might have heard of the importance of Search Engine Optimization. It has remained one of the most important features of any project for years. Big players are ready to pay big money to hire SEO specialists and get the best from Google ranking. The good news is that you can save by purchasing SEO-ready designs with everything ready-to-post. Present your team, introduce skills, and better brand recognizability without losing much time. Attracting prospects becomes easier when search engines like your business project. That is why SEO-oriented design is a must for any modern landing pages video background website.

Since converting leads is the #1 goal of any landing, you can't miss this feature. Besides, it helps to enter the global market, as you can also attract non-English-speaking systems. Here are only a few advantages of making it SEO-friendly:

  • Enlarging website audience;
  • Boosting sales;
  • Generating more leads;
  • Entering the global market;
  • Attracting foreign visitors;
  • Increasing organic discovery & high-quality site traffic;
  • Improving credibility and trust;
  • Providing a better marketing strategy.

There is nothing hard about working with SEO templates. You don't need to study the algorithm or anything like that. Even when a lead doesn't convert immediately, a pro website with SEO readiness higher your chances of getting the prospect's attention.

What else should you look for when purchasing landing pages' video background templates?

CSS & JS Animation

Another way to catch viewers' attention is by adding unusual CSS and JS animation to the page's design. Animations are important for a pleasurable user experience. It attracts attention to details and makes the whole design look unique. Being popular among designers and developers worldwide, CSS and JavaScript provide a quick and quality way to create animated pages. Still, thanks to code-free video landing page HTML templates, you won't need to cope with all of these.

Depending on the chosen landing pages video background product, one can enrich their design with animated elements of any complexity. You have animated texts, images, buttons, etc. Everything is creator-friendly and very easy to customize.

Mobile-Ready Design

The ever-increasing use of mobiles makes it critical to prepare your website for smartphones. Mobile friendliness is essential, no matter what products or services you are going to introduce. The feature makes your landing look professional on any mobile device, making sliders and other required content blocks scrollable. Mobile-ready design improves SEO ranking, which increases the audience and number of sales.

So, mobile-ready templates make a ready-made solution for those who are serious about their project development. You get buttons, CTAs, graphics, and other elements converted automatically.

Almost 90% of internet users access the web space via mobile devices, especially those looking for social media services. By mobilizing the project, you make sure that potential customers won't go to the other website because of a poor mobile layout.

Among the main advantages of using mobile-ready templates for landings, there are the next points:

  • Prioritizing information with well-structured layouts;
  • Getting more traffic from the mobile market;
  • Make your landing look more professional;
  • Satisfying visitors' needs;
  • Making advertising easier;
  • Reducing the load time;

Besides, you might want to try working with a mobile-first design. The feature brings even more chances to enlarge the website audience. It starts building the project with its mobile version. One can get the first visitors/sales even when the desktop website is under construction.

Translation-Ready Landing Pages for SEO

Translation readiness is another important feature to look for when choosing video landing page HTML items. Translating a website into another language is key to smart international communication and a visitor-oriented marketing strategy. It makes your design more user-friendly, improving onsite communication and relations between the site owner and their audience. Plus, the feature allows promoting globally. This would increase the audience and introduce your business to foreign prospects.

It is also beneficial for international SEO. Translation-ready landing templates make your content visible to foreign search engines. Here are the main reasons to select the feature:

  • Enlarging the website audience;
  • Generate more leads;
  • Increasing organic discovery;
  • Improving credibility and trust;
  • Getting high-quality site traffic;
  • Entering the global market;
  • Get a better marketing strategy;
  • Making sales abroad;
  • Attracting foreign visitors;
  • Improving onsite experience;
  • International SEO.

Free Video Landing Page Templates

When chosen smartly, free products might also provide a professional online presence. Proven marketplaces offer free video landing page templates to run a worthy web project without losing costs. These are items for technology and business services promotions with basic features in packs.

Our video landing page templates are free to download and contain everything a beginner might want to use. They cover multiple topics and provide simple customization with such must-haves as:

  • Visitor-friendly navigation;
  • Responsive design;
  • Search Engine Optimization;
  • Drag & drop technology;
  • Dropdown menu;
  • Contact forms, etc.

Though they are free, Templateog体育首页's themes also come with some trendy features essential for promotion. For example, Charitex offers to better the site with counters, event planners, audio and video players, Parallax effect, etc. You have numerous content blocks with mobile- and desktop-ready designs. There's also a cool Color Picker to customize the website's colors and provide a truly unique appearance. One can easily develop their brand using the White Label feature.

Landing Pages with Video Background Checklist

You already know what must-have to look for when buying templates for landing page websites. However, it is important to work on every detail to make your project succeed. What else should you think of? Here are a few points to consider when creating a proper video background:

  • Video length;
  • Design for multiple gadgets;
  • Mute option;
  • Customizable audio;
  • High-quality image.

We also recommend using the video button feature. It suits business and personal projects and makes a beautiful minimalist appearance that won't overload the web design. Try landing pages video background template’s demo to see how the feature works live.

Making your Landing Pages Video Background Website Even More Unique

The animated image background is a great way to stand out. Would you like to attract attention to the website? Check out this video to find out how to improve the project's functionality with a super smooth hero section scrolling effect. Use the tutorial to add the feature easily with Elementor page builder.

Landing Pages Video Background Templates Questions & Answers

How do I change the video background for my landing page website?

It is possible to edit the video background on a PC or Mac with the help of modern editors. Just upload the materials there and remove or replace the needed piece of information. One can also save time on editing and purchase a video background landing page theme. It has everything ready to customize and allows uploading/removing custom videos without special skills. You can change color schemes, music, and other details easily.

Do I need Bootstrap functionality for a video background landing page?

Yes, we recommend choosing Bootstrap-based templates for a better user experience. The framework is the proven and popular way to develop websites and applications with CSS, HTML, and JS. Compared to other supporting tools, it provides easy content creation and works on components individually for a finished, professional online appearance. Bootstrap templates for video background landings let one create a perfect website in hours. You can choose from different styles and topics. There are landing pages video background products with one-page and multifunctional designs that have both essential and trendy web design features. The prices start at $12.

How do I customize my background video landing page?

All the landing page templates from Templateog体育首页's gallery provide simple, intuitive editing. Depending on the selected product, you can edit it with a built-in builder, like Elementor Page Builder or Navi Builder. It allows customizing the layouts with smart drag & drop technology. You won't need to code or anything like that. Select the required element within the editor's field and edit the settings. One can drag and drop components, replace or duplicate them, and easily change sizes, colors, and other features.

What features to look for when buying landing pages video background templates?

To provide a perfect user experience, look for landing pages video background products with responsive, SEO-ready design that works on all devices and in all modern browsers. We also recommend it be translation-ready and come with visitor-oriented site navigation. Another thing to get when buying a video landing page template is a simple content editor. Besides, you will need the next:

  • Bootstrap functionality;
  • Retina readiness;
  • Changeable color schemes;
  • Parallax effect;
  • Gallery styles;
  • Social media integration.

Finally, pay special attention to the CTA content elements. They should be perfect for a lead-generating landing.