商务包ppt模板 SALE

商务包ppt模板 by GraphicStan

Business Pack has 1550+ unique slides that you can use it for various business and presentation purpose such Business, Corporate, finance, pitch deck, creative, technology, Education and many.
Sales: 988
ppt信息图表黄金模板包 SALE
ppt信息图表黄金模板包Big Collection of Best Infographics slides to convert your data visually into an amazing presentation. 2700张完全可编辑的幻灯片,信息图表,...
Sales: 166
最好的商业计划ppt模板 SALE
This Business Plan Presentation Template is created very carefully for use any kinds of Business. 功能强大,商业计划已被监控. 基于真实的商业主题
Sales: 332
Support: 1/5
Pitch Deck—演示仪表板 SALE
Pitch Deck - Template DashboardGive yourself a boost and start using this template to bring your ideas to your customers/partners. Pitch Deck - Template Dashboard是一个多用途的ppt...
Sales: 161
KPI仪表板ppt模板图表 SALE
Big Collection of KPI Dashboard slides to convert your data visually into an amazing presentation. 有30个完全可编辑的幻灯片,信息图表和图表.
Sales: 19
地球ppt演示模板 SALE
用这个万能的模板给你的观众留下深刻印象! 适合商务和个人使用. Add your content, images, and brand colors, and you're ready to confidently present your slides!
Sales: 49
Black & 白色演示ppt模板
Black & 白色演示文稿干净,创意和现代黑色 & 轻型Powerpoint简报模板. Fully customisation & 超级容易使用,以适应任何类型的商业用途.31 Unique...
Sales: 95
Nova多用途PowerPoint模板 SALE
Nova Multipurpose PowerPoint TemplateWe design professional and creative presentation templates for helping you make presentations easier and faster. 这个模板中的每个细节都是...
Sales: 72
项目建议书ppt演示模板 SALE
About the ProductCreative - Project Proposal PowerPoint TemplateOne of the best Project Proposal PowerPoint Template, 你会在网上找到所有的幻灯片和...
Sales: 20
营销计划ppt模板 SALE
Explain your marketing plan or business proposal with Marketing Plan PowerPoint presentation template. 幻灯片包括市场总结,产品定义,竞争,沟通策略.
Sales: 47
商业演示文稿 SALE

商业演示文稿 by CreativitySlides

得到一个设计精美的现代演示文稿, functional, 专门做商业计划和推介. 这个演示带有信息图表元素.
Sales: 4
策略ppt图表模板 SALE

策略ppt图表模板 by Slidelisting

策略ppt图表模板Big Collection of Modern Strategy diagrams slides to convert your data visually into an amazing presentation. 85完全可编辑的幻灯片,信息图表,和...
Sales: 18
用这个万能的模板给你的观众留下深刻印象! 适合商务和个人使用. Add your content, images, and brand colors, and you're ready to confidently present your slides.
Sales: 6
最好的营销计划ppt模板 SALE
The Best Marketing Plan PowerPoint Presentation is a comprehensive business document that outlines the advertising and marketing efforts for the coming year. 它描述了商业活动...
Sales: 44
Support: 1/5
Sierra - Media Kit PowerPoint模板
SIERRA - Media Kit PowerPoint TemplateSIERRA是一个极简风格的媒体工具包模板. This template can help you bring new people into your business and what services or products you offer....
Sales: 3
Voodoo演示模板 SALE

Voodoo演示模板 by DublinDesign

☆☆LIFETIME UPDATES!☆☆从头开始构建动画演示文稿从未如此容易. “巫毒”演示 & 信息图,垂直演示模板现在你可以创建一个...
Sales: 21
Support: 1/5
移动动画PowerPoint模板 SALE
用这个万能的模板给你的观众留下深刻印象! 适合商务和个人使用. Simply add your content, images, and brand colors, and you're ready to confidently present your...
Sales: 4
施工ppt模板 SALE

施工ppt模板 by GraphicStan

与我们的建设PowerPoint模板, 突出关键里程碑, project phases, 和复杂的细节与视觉上令人惊叹的图形和图表.
Sales: 3
Process Infographics PowerPoint templates are a versatile and dynamic collection of visually appealing slides designed to effectively communicate complex processes and concepts.
Sales: 1
数据可视化-演示包 SALE
🔥 LIFETIME UPDATES! 🔥数据可视化该模板是为大数据相关的数据处理而设计的, 分析与存储. 它还包括一些有用的形状,您可以修改它们...
Sales: 10


Template Name Downloads Price
商务包ppt模板 988 $20
最好的商业计划ppt模板 332 $17
地球ppt演示模板 49 $12
Pitch Deck—演示仪表板 161 $17
ppt信息图表黄金模板包 166 $16


演讲伴随着人们在人生的不同阶段. 我们为学校创建项目, college, work, and business meetings to get an excellent mark or simply recognize the audience as talented performers. However, not everyone has enough time to figure out how everything works in creating an engaging slideshow. Templateog体育首页 recommends checking out a collection of ready-made business PowerPoint templates that solve all essential issues related to the presentation creation process. Check the demo images and product descriptions to make sure that the template package contains all the layouts you need to prepare a professional-grade digital project.

How to Use Product & 服务提供商PowerPoint演示模板

Many still believe that they won't be faced with making presentations outside of school or college. 然而,事实并非如此. 下面是一些展示潮流的例子, catchy slideshow will have a positive impact on your credibility and help you engage your audience more effectively:

  • 创建一个在线或离线课程.
  • 准备向广大听众广播的讲座.
  • Business meeting.
  • 与同事或商业伙伴的会议.
  • 向潜在消费者展示商品或服务.
  • 为新产品系列发布创建演示文稿.
  • Job interview.


  • Responsive Layouts.
  • Retina-ready.
  • Drag and Drop.
  • Full HD Slides.
  • Infographics.
  • Vector Icons.
  • Tables and Charts.
  • 免费更新和技术支持.

创造成功产品的秘诀 & 服务提供商演示文稿

商务演示不是一个你可以自由自在的领域. 如果你不经常制作幻灯片, it's best to stick to proven tips and techniques that will help you keep your face straight in front of an audience. 以下是一些创建专业级商业项目的建议:

  • 极简主义是关键. Remember that people can easily perceive small portions of information and use this knowledge to influence the audience. Don't overload your slides with data - it's better to create more layouts with a limited amount of text and media content.
  • 避免过多的影响. 只有当你为儿童观众创建一个项目时,无尽的动画才会很酷. However, this looks out of place when it comes to serious audiences that possess money and influence.
  • 只使用高质量的媒体. 一张质量差的图片会破坏整个幻灯片的印象. Select media from the photo and video stocks and process them directly in the program so that they fit your project perfectly.



Sure! Templateog体育首页是一个汇集了数百名独立开发者的市场. Anyone with enough skills to create high-quality PPTs can register on a special form and submit a product for approval.


All design and content editing actions are available directly through the Microsoft tool to an inexperienced user. 你不需要成为一个网页设计师来改进或改变主题布局.


是的,只要从App Store或Google Play下载微软365应用程序即可.


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寻找一种方式来设计你的商务演示? 检查要在Powerpoint项目中应用的最新排版趋势. 这些字体非常适合教练、顾问和分析师.