School District Joomla Template
School District is a vibrant school Joomla template that can be used for primary school website. Colorful design attracts the attention of users and catches the eyes of potential customers. It...
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Support: 4.2/5
Education Centre Joomla Template
How to bring education into the mass? One of the right solutions is starting a site. If the one promoting some courses, schools, universities is a matter of your interest, consider this theme...
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University Responsive Joomla Template
This template is a part of chart of Best Joomla Templates 2014.Templateog体育首页 MarketPlaceTemplateog体育首页 is a marketplace where you as a designer or developer may sell your Web Design Software,...
Sales: 60
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Education Joomla Template
If you want to show that education is fun, choose this template. Students don't like boring studies, so your approach should work. Color palette of this education Joomla template is cheerful. It is...
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Campus Fun Board Joomla Template
Campus life is full of joy. Being a college student also supposes getting to know life as a grownup individual through classes and internship, with few responsibilities and much fun along the way....
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Education Responsive Joomla Template
Should you be looking for a modern day and professional design and style for your website, in that case online education Joomla web design is the best choice. It will become a fantastic basis for...
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Balphics Joomla Template
This Education Joomla design theme is Responsive What is it?Responsive design is a technique of web design which enables web pages to adjust to a display resolution of any kind of gadget - be it a...
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Education Joomla Template
This professional theme in clean flat style will be a good basis for any education and business-related website. Contemporary style and easy on the eyes look of the layout grab the users attention...
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SDW Joomla Template

SDW Joomla Template by RockThemes

This children education Joomla template is a content-packed solution built with clean, SEO-friendly code . It has multiple elements to display the information effectively, from accordions and...
Sales: 54
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School Blog Joomla Template
SchoolLife is a robust school Joomla template for blogging and publication websites. It features a clean layout with a collection of customizable widgets for showcasing your content in various...
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Best Education Joomla Templates Collection

Society includes a mix of bright and intelligent people. That is why education websites are needed to connect with modern users. Having an educational website is a smart move. Those online resources give a possibility to receive high-quality knowledge from various educational institutions. Moreover, many universities and institutes offer online education. It is comfortable for both teachers and students. If entrants are unsure about the particular course, they can browse the web and find other classes to satisfy their needs. So, if you want to create such an online resource can use the best education Joomla templates. We recommend using the services of the Templateog体育首页 platform. This is the best online resource for downloading top-quality digital products according to the customers' reviews. Also, people can find a wide range of plugins, graphics, audio/video effects, and many other high-quality web assets on this platform.

Top Features of School & Edtech Joomla Templates

  • Responsive: This Joomla templates education feature helps the websites to work properly on all users' devices. It has a direct impact on the websites' popularity among potential visitors;
  • SEO-optimized: This helpful characteristic can make a positive impact on the website's online visibility. SEO helps the visitors to find the users' websites using the search engine results. Owners of SEO optimized websites can increase the number of free organic traffic from the search engines;
  • Blog section support: That is one of the most effective ways to communicate with website visitors. It can increase the number of websites visitors that come from the organic search engine results. Everything became possible thanks to posting of SEO optimized news and articles directly to the blog section;
  • Mobile-optimization: It allows a website to work smoothly on all the users' mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches). Mobile optimization can make a positive impact on the website's online visibility. More people now use mobile devices to visit websites, so mobile-friendliness is a very valuable feature;
  • Google Maps support: It helps the visitors to find the physical location of the company using the Google Maps services integration;
  • Retina ready: Modern websites need this crucial feature. It can assist with a proper display on the screens with high-resolution;
  • Dropdown menu: It can help visitors find a particular website page that is hidden in the menu and simplify navigation;
  • Gallery feature: Using eye-catching and beautiful galleries can attract the users' eyes;

Furthermore, each Joomla school template works properly and smoothly using such modern technologies as HTML 5, HTML Plus JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Sliced PSD.

Who Can Use Education Joomla Themes?

We provide these Joomla academic themes for the teaching processes and science-related institutions. Thousands of teachers and students are regularly visiting those kinds of online education resources. Those people are enjoying the process of online schooling thanks to online education platforms. Therefore, developers and designers make those websites to meet a wide range of business requirements: masterclasses, schools, universities, colleges, educational institutions, and events. Meanwhile, Templateog体育首页 experts recommend creating an education website with the best Joomla educational themes.

Joomla is a leading CMS that can help to create an effective website for universities and many other teaching institutions. It can help increase the number of target visitors with clear navigation, eye-catching website design, and an informative blog section.

Tips For Website Creation with School & Edtech Joomla Templates

Education is provided in kindergartens, schools, colleges, universities, courses, etc. It is necessary to consider some points when creating websites.

The kindergarten website should have information about teachers, sports fields, nutrition, a cultural development program, the daily routine, etc. Meanwhile, school websites should inform parents about teachers, meals at a canteen, library, documents for school enrollment.

As for the sites of universities, there is the most complex architecture (often accompanied by subdomains). These sites should inform applicants about entrance exams, lecture schedules, professors/deans/rector, faculties, dormitories, postgraduate education, internships, etc.

In addition, we recommend that you emphasize the following points, regardless of the type of educational institution. For example, people studying at academic institutions like reading information related to their interests. Therefore, we recommend making an interesting and educational blog. In addition, one more crucial feature that can make a website more popular with visitors is simple navigation. Please, make the life of the visitors simpler by implementing clear navigation to your online resource.

Education Joomla Templates FAQ

What Are Important Features of the Best Education Joomla Templates?

Each Joomla education template is SEO-friendly, responsive, mobile-optimized, and retina-ready. In addition, templates provide an educational blog, which is very important for these sites.

Is It Profitable to Have an SEO-Optimized Education Joomla Template?

Yes, it's very profitable to work with a Joomla template education that has solid SEO optimization. Good SEO helps the visitors to find the users' websites using the organic search engine results.

Who Can Help Me With the Education Joomla Themes?

Our clients can write a direct message to the customer support team. They can visit the contact page and send their request to our skilled professionals. In addition, we recommend visiting our Service Center to provide the necessary assistance.

Can I Sell My Best Education Joomla Templates On Your Platform?

Yes, we are working with a wide range of the best web developers & designers. They all can sell their web assets to millions of our clients. New authors need to visit the authors' web page. It can help them to send the new author's application. Our skilled customer support team will verify new authors on our platform. After that, verified authors can sell their Joomla education templates on our online resource right after the verification process is completed. All in all, cooperation with our platform is very beneficial. Many talented web developers and designers are generating a good monthly income from selling their content.

Why to Use Joomla School & Edtech Themes? 5+ Reasons to Fall in Love with Joomla CMS

Watch a helpful video about the outstanding Joomla Education themes features. The multilanguage functionality, vast collection of extensions, in-built page editor, and much more valuable opportunities to make your School & Edtech website project unique and successful!