Fashion Designer PrestaShop Themes

Almost everyone who owns an eCommerce website is familiar with PrestaShop. It’s an open source software packed with a lot of features and available to everyone for free! It’s a lot easier to manage as compared to other eCommerce software like Magento and OpenCart. Moreover, there are tons of PrestaShop fashion themes for you to choose from.

Best Premium Fashion PrestaShop Templates

If you’re a fashion business owner, or simply someone who wants to offer fashion wardrobes to everyone, you need a platform to sell your products online. However, in order to market your clothes, bags, hats, belts, fashion accessories, suits, or shoes effectively, you need your own website and the right choice of a theme.

In building your own website, you have to make sure it can cater the needs of your customers. Since most of your customers are likely fashionistas, your site should have attractive and engaging interfaces. It should also contain the must-have functions and features of a high fashion website. So what are these necessary features which you can also find in our high-end fashion Prestashop themes? Let’s find out!

  • 100% Responsive Design
  • Whether you like it or not, responsive design is no longer optional; rather, it’s now an essential element of any website design. The massive increase in the usage of tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices prompted every webmaster to come up with a responsive design. With a responsive website, you can display your content to everyone regardless of the device and browser they’re using to access your site. Thus, even if your customers mainly use a smartphone, they can always make all transactions on your online shop.

    The good news is that all PrestaShop templates available on our site come with a responsive design feature. Moreover, since responsiveness is now a standard for every design, you can expect them to be mobile-friendly too.

  • Multiple Page Layouts
  • PrestaShop themes that come with a wide variety of page layouts will allow you to try and figure out which layout your visitors want. Looking for a layout to showcase your featured products in a single page? Want a section for customer feedback and testimonials? Need a page for blogging purposes? Our themes will take care all of these for you. Picking from one of our fashion themes will allow you to access multiple page layouts for more diversity to your site.

  • Social Sharing Features
  • Getting social is really important for businesses nowadays, considering how it can help distribute your content quickly and easily. By integrating your online fashion shop’s social media account with the sharing buttons, you can allow your customers to share your content to their circle. Maintaining an active social media account also allows you to get in touch with your audience. You can announce special offers and promotions for your men and women fashion items, showcase your latest deals, and more.

    Thankfully, our selection of fashion themes has built-in advanced social sharing features. There’s no longer a need to manually install plug-ins.

  • Quick and Easy Navigation
  • For an online shop, particularly one that offers clothing for men, women, or children, navigation is really important. Good navigation can help new customers find what they need without any issue. Meanwhile, poor navigation can be confusing and will cause them to abandon your site.

    But what makes up a good navigation? The idea is to provide your visitors with a clear path that they can follow from the landing page to the checkout section. Regardless of where your visitor lands on your website, they should be able to quickly navigate around your site without any hassle. In most cases, this includes presenting only the most important pages in your main navigation while placing less important categories on drop-down menus or your site’s footer.

  • MegaMenu Feature
  • Mega Menu allows you to customize your menus and display static content depending on your categories. It is an incredibly useful feature for online fashion shops as it lets you take control of your existing menus and turn them into user-friendly and accessible menus with only a few clicks. For example, you can organize menus exclusive only for men’s wear, women’s apparel, wedding attire, and so on.

    How to Choose a PrestaShop Theme for your Fashion Store

    With a huge selection of themes in our collection, looking for the right theme for your fashion store might be a challenge. To solve that issue, we have prepared these tips that will help you find a design that caters you and your customers’ needs:

  • Choose a theme that is easily customizable. This will allow you to customize your online store however you want. Since there are plenty of fashion shops online, you need to create a branding that is unique and will set you apart from your competitors.
  • Look for a theme that comes with awesome and premium-looking custom fonts. The templates in our selection feature custom fonts, and it will be up to you to choose the ones that suit your taste.
  • Since your website will feature images of your products, you need to choose a theme that comes with a video gallery, full-screen slider, image slider, and a product page lightbox.
  • If you plan to reach an international market, which you most likely will, you need a theme that supports multi-currency transactions. There are themes in our site that accept currencies in more than 200 different countries around the world.
  • Help your customers know more about your site and products through a blogging section. This also helps you make public announcements, especially when you have special deals and promotions to offer.
  • Don’t forget to choose the themes that feature a review or customer testimonial section. This is a really useful tool that serves as a free advertisement on your part. Since customers will most likely leave a review after a successful purchase, this will help you reach an even wider audience with testimonials alone.
  • The online fashion industry is vast. Without the ability to make a good first impression on your target audience, you won’t be able to take advantage of the massive potential the internet has. By choosing the right PrestaShop theme, you’ll definitely stand a chance against other online stores in your niche.

    Start now by browsing our selection of PrestaShop fashion themes!