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Best Collection of Top Writer Website Templates for Your Projects

Today, every company should have an attractive presence in the online space. It helps not only sell goods and expand the client base but also increase brand recognition. This moment is essential for gaining success. It concerns all spheres and types of activities. As a writer, you need to have a website where you can highlight your greatest works. Your writing needs to be shouted from the rooftops, so visitors keep coming back to hear more about what you have to say. Moreover, your site should offer you a chance to sell your work to people who want to read more. These writer website templates provide all of this and more.

And that's because the themes are designed with modern web tools for WordPress (including WooCommerce), Shopify, Joomla, MotoCMS, Drupal, HTML5 sites. There are also options for landing pages if you want to create a cool one-page site.

Features and Characteristics of Freelance Content Author Templates

With these website templates for writers, you get that, plus all of these crucial key features.

  • Social Media Integration

To get the word out there about your work, you need to get social. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms will help you build a new audience for your writing. These book-author website themes have integrated social media functionality to help with this task. In other words, you can make it easier for your visitors to share your content. Whether it's a new article, book, or news, your audience can share it with friends.

  • Valid Semantic Coding

The coding behind your website is crucial to its operation. If it is clumsy and inefficient, the website slows down, and visitors disengage. These content writing website templates have been developed using valid semantic coding to ensure this doesn't happen. By keeping it simple and maintaining modern coding practices, your site becomes more accessible. Moreover, you can avoid a lot of the technical bugs that other web admins struggle with.

  • Fully Responsive Design

Imagine you are on the train. You want to read a piece from your favorite author on your mobile device. However, all the content is chaotic, and images are half cropped. These themes for book authors avoid this issue by using a 100% responsive design. Consequently, your website will display consistently across all devices, regardless of the screen size.

  • SEO-Friendliness

Your voice will be heard when using a content writer website template because they have been designed with SEO in mind. The coding behind them is easy for search engines to navigate, and all current guidelines are adhered to. Furthermore, web admins can make adjustments via simple customization options to meet their online marketing strategy needs.

Additional Helpful Options At Your Disposal

Moreover, our professionals developed a set of additional features. It also helps you to make your site complete, attractive, and convenient. One of them is an online live chat. Authors build fan bases via the quality of their work and how engaged their readers are in their stories. While your writing is the major factor in these, so is how you communicate with visitors. Instead of only offering visitors the chance to contact you via email, these web themes for authors also offer online chat options. That means you can answer the questions posed by visitors instantly. In other words, you can engage with them at any time to keep them on your website. Here are more of them:

  • W3C valid and SEO-ready coding;
  • Flexbox grid system;
  • Smooth parallax scrolling effect;
  • Google Fonts and Google Maps;
  • Cross-browser support;
  • Background video and more.

Templates for writers give you all the tools you need to ensure your voice is heard. Their design will perfectly reflect your personality and work. Meantime, the functionality of the site will help you interact with your visitors and customers. Let us tell you what benefits, features, and tools you get from our products.

Who Needs to Create Freelance Content Author Website

Are you a writer who wants to stand out from the crowd because your work is great and your website looks the part? If so, check out these writers website templates today! Firstly, you can be sure that these themes suit any author-related online presentation. Whether you want to build a personal portfolio to tell your biography, the latest publications and demonstrate your work, or a content writing company profile, you find the needed instruments here. Even if you dream of opening an online store and selling books via the Internet, you can use our products too. So, they are the best solution for:

  • writers
  • authors
  • marketers
  • bloggers
  • journalists
  • designers
  • photographers
  • digital artists
  • book retailers
  • eBook owners
  • content writing companies
  • print shops and more

The collection impresses every user because everyone can find the appropriate one for realizing any creative project. And the left filter sidebar helps you to pick up which fits your needs the most. There you may choose the layout color you like. View the list of the features, click on which you prefer to use while building an online presence.

Moreover, pay attention to the gallery script. Your niche requires beautiful images placed enjoyably. Think you want to put them into a carousel, gallery, or slider and then click on that variant. The same steps are with web forms. The four most popular web forms include a contact form, newsletter subscription, search, or booking form. So, all these criteria aim to help you choose the best website template for writers and start creating your online project with no issues.

How to Create a Successful Writer Website

First impressions play a huge role, that is the fact. For this reason, a stunning website design can encourage customers to buy goods, order services, and admire the whole presentation. It can increase the number of new visitors and keep them forever.

  • In addition to beautiful design, the online presentation of your writing activity should have a simple and clear structure. Otherwise, the overloaded content of the pages will distract from the essentials.
  • Meanwhile, try to enrich your appearance of the online presence with glorious visual elements. Think about what your visitors may admire and add it to the layout.
  • Apart from the appropriate photos and videos, a well-designed combination of color palettes and fonts will catch everyone's eye. They should fit and complement the whole style of your project. Try not to use more than three fonts. Meantime, select and use colors from the same spectrum to create a complete look.

Why Are Author Website Templates Mobile-Friendly?

More than half of all users prefer surfing the Internet via their mobile devices. It is not surprising because, in our bustling lives, it is more convenient and quicker to use smartphones that are always on hand. That is why we included mobile-friendly code into each freelance writer website template that permits displaying the content on any mobile device. This function brings a large portion of traffic to your site. Besides, we are glad to share a few tips for enhancing the mobile experience:

  • Ditch pop-ups and text-blocking because they will hinder reading your text on small screens.
  • Keep your design simple to make your website navigation easy on smartphone screens.
  • Make the buttons big enough to let visitors click on them with their fingers effortlessly.
  • Use large font sizes to make the content readable on small screen sizes.
  • Try to make an effort to have a faster loading speed, as nobody likes to wait.

Free vs Premium Author Website Templates

Let us clarify why so many people prefer premium products to free ones. The global web is full of free digital items, but users still choose paid ones. Why are they so popular? Free products, in most cases, are not unique, don't have licensing and proper support. So, there is a chance to fail in building, launching, and managing the website. One more disadvantage is the lack of originality, which prevents standing out from competitors and interests visitors. That is why Templateog体育首页 marketplace provides premium products for professional and high-qualitative sites. These benefits will convince you that they are the perfect decision for your web pages:

  1. Unique design
  2. Various customization possibilities
  3. Highest performance
  4. Fast loading speed
  5. Professional technical support
  6. Advanced customization tools
  7. All needed licenses
  8. Periodic updates
  9. 100% cross-browser compatibility, etc.

Writer Website Templates FAQ

How to design writer website templates?

Web templates give a set of options for those people who want to play with site design. They allow you to impress your audience. Thanks to a page builder, the creation will be easy and enjoyable. If you get one of our products, you can be sure that you may edit any part of the layout. All you need to do before that is to determine what type of design style you want. As a result, your online portfolio will be clean, simple, and attractive by adding more colors or a minimum quantity of elements.

Why do I need writer website templates?

Each type of framework has pros and cons. You may create a landing page with a writer profile or a multipage site with a complete description of your creative activity. Moreover, the collection of website themes provides products with an admin panel, drag and drop builder, different visual options like custom blocks, editor, sliders, and more. These opportunities help you to choose the most convenient instruments for building a writing-related online presence. The essential point is that all digital products at Templateog体育首页 marketplace update regularly to support the highest quality.

Whom can I ask for help if I have some issues with my writer website templates?

There are a few ways to contact us if you have some difficulties. You may write to our live chat room. Our professionals will give you feedback and help you to solve the problem as quickly as possible. In addition, feel free to open our Service Center and order what you need to transform your web project into a unique masterpiece.

What is a web editor, and how to use it in writer website templates?

Most of the provided themes have a drag and drop page builder. Thanks to such a convenient tool, you can make customization features critically simple. Furthermore, admin panels are intended to edit the site too. You may create stylish designs with minimalist and gorgeous impressions. We should mention that the web builder permits editing any part of the layout and still has optimized code. That is why paying attention to this tool would be helpful while choosing a template for your author website.

Hottest Web Design Trends for Writer Website Templates to Use in 2024

Check a helpful video about the most relevant design trends and use them in your writer website for the best results. Vivid colors, minimalism, fancy typography are the features that suit any creative, imaginative project.