Excellence Award Certificate Template
This is a Modern & Smart looking Certificate Template. Which you can make a part of your Institution for multipurpose use. Like- Achievement, Attendance, Award, Excellence, Competence, Completion,...
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Metallic Achievement Certificate Template
This is a Modern & Smart looking Certificate Template. Which you can make a part of your Institution for multipurpose use. Like- Diploma, Achievement, Attendance, Award, Completion, Appreciation,...
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Corporate Award Certificate Temeplate
This is Certificate template.This template download contains 300 DPI, Print-Ready, CMYK, All main elements are editable and customizable.FeaturesEditable And CustomizableFree font usedBleed Setting...
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Modern multipurpose Certificate Template
Multipurpose CertificatesFeatures• Fully Editable• CMYK Print Ready• Bleed 0.25• Paper Size Available Change• Quick and easy to customize templates• 4 Color Variations• Professional...
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Education and office certificate set
Achievement certificate and credential design collection for academic and official uses. Professional award certificate set vector with colorful border and shapes. Business appreciation paper...
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Certificate Design Template Design

Certificate Design Template Design by Codezil_Technologies

Hello Codezil bring a new certificate design which is designed for education instituteOur company work on all types of design, like graphics design, illustration desiogn, cateloge design, social...
Classic Appreciation Certificate Template
Modern and Corporate Certificate Template. Use this Certificate Template in your business, company or institution in completion of any course, training ,degree or job. Also you can use this...
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Printable Appreciation Certificate Template
Multipurpose Certificate Template , Certificate of AppreciationCorporate & Modern Certificate Template. Use this Certificate Template in your business, company or institution in completion of any...
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Certificate of Completion Template
This is a Corporate and Modern Multipurpose Certificate Template Template. Which you can make a part of your business or Institution for multipurpose use. The files are all vector-based and easy to...
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Modern Completion Certificate Template
This is a Modern Completion Certificate Template. Which you can make a part of your Institution for multipurpose use. The files are all vector-based and easy to edit.Features: — Easy to Edit &...
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Modern Education Certificate Template
If you need a certificate of completion, awards, appreciation, etc, then you found the right place. This certification will help you boost your work. You don’t need to think about the design...
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Certificate of Achievement Design Template
Certificate of Achievement Design TemplateCorporate & Modern Certificate Template. Use this Certificate Template in your business, company or institution in completion of any course, training,...
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ARP - Certificate Template
ARP - Certificate Template This Certificate is a Print Based Template. It is being created following modern design standards and typography. The Design is clean and professionally crafted. You can...
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Certificate Templates to Download - AI, PSD, DOCX formats

Certificate templates are becoming more and more popular.

Especially with the growth of online courses, digital certifications are highly requested and are assuming more value within the work environment.

Whether to show a learned skill or participation, certifications are the right tools to achieve these purposes and many more.

However, designing a certificate template might be difficult for you if you don’t have experience using certain software.

In such a case, buying ready-made certificate templates might be the best solution for you.

Certificate templates at Templateog体育首页

Throughout the Templateog体育首页 marketplace, you’ll find many certificates designed by experts from all around the world.

Each certificate can relate to different accomplishments and rewards. Across the marketplace, you’ll encounter the most disparate categories, from sports certificates to school award templates.

The templates are available in multiple formats and compatible with different editing programs, and you can choose the one that is more suitable for your intended use.

Certificate file formats

The certificate templates you’ll encounter across the marketplace are available in multiple formats. Based on your needs, preferences, or compatibility necessities, you can choose one of the following most common file formats:

How to edit certification templates

As the certificate templates are available in many formats, this means they’re compatible with multiple programs. Here are some of the most popular you can use to edit ready-made certificate templates:

Certificate categories

As you can use certificates for multiple purposes, they can be related to various categories. According to your necessities, you’ll be able to choose among a wide variety of choices. Below we listed some of the most relevant you can find across the marketplace.

Achievement certificates

Achievement certificates are a perfect way to acknowledge someone’s success or show your appreciation for their achievements.

Certificates of participation

Suppose you’re a tournament, activity, or event organizer and want to provide the participants with informative and specially designed diplomas. In that case, the certificates of participation can be the right solution for you.

Sport certificate designs

There is no sport without a medal or diploma. Regardless of the sport (baseball, football, softball, soccer, and so on), you can find plenty of award certificates.

Work award certificates

We use word award certificates during corporate parties and events to recognize the best employee, the worker of the month, the best team player, or just to say "thank you" for all their hard work. If you need a certificate for one of these occasions, you can find multiple of them across the Templateog体育首页 marketplace.

School award templates

Whether it's graduation or just a monthly event, it's always nice to get some proof and rewards for your long-term efforts. Thus, if you want to make your students proud of their achievements, school award templates may be the perfect option for you.

Benefits of buying pre-designed certificate templates

Even if the certificates may seem like simple products, they need to look professional. To achieve this appearance, you should have experience using certain programs that allow their creation and design skills. If this is not your case, buying pre-designed certificate templates might be a better solution to your needs.

To make it clearer, below, we listed some of the most relevant benefits you can take advantage of when buying ready-made templates.


Creating and designing certificate templates from scratch may require a relatively long time. If you’re in a hurry to issue them, buying ready-made templates can accelerate the process. You’ll only need to edit the personal information, the date, and the signature, and the certificate will be ready to be issued.

Plus, if you send the certificate digitally, you can make all the necessary changes and send it within a few minutes.


If you intend to create a certificate from scratch, you may need to use certain professional software, such as Adobe InDesign, which can be relatively expensive. If you have a limited budget, this may not be the right path to follow. Instead, buying a pre-designed template will help you save money. You can buy it for less than $20 (sometimes, even less than $10), taking advantage of professional work.

Original design

Even if you can find free certificate templates online, they’re often very simple and not impressive at all. Plus, almost everyone uses them. This means that if you decide to use them, you won’t distinguish your business or organization from the others.

However, paid templates offer unique designs since they're created by designers who each have their preferences.

Availability of multiple formats

The ready-made templates are available in many formats. Thus, whether you decide to use them for your intended uses or edit them with a specific program, you’ll be able to achieve your purpose. This is particularly beneficial as you’ll be able to use them straightforwardly, with no need to convert them. For example, if you intend to use Photoshop to make some edits to the document, you can choose the PSD file format.


Most of the templates also include a support service. Thus, if you have any questions or necessity to solve an issue, you can get immediate answers by contacting the support team or creator. As a result, your needs will be met without having to figure them out by yourself, which can often be time-consuming.

Some creators even include a support file with the most relevant information and advice for editing and using the certificate effectively.

Editable and customizable

Although most templates are ready to use, you can edit and customize them according to your needs and preferences. Apart from the text, you can also change the colors, shapes and place your logo and recognition elements. To do so, you can either use professional software or one of the many available free online tools.

Faster selection

Thinking about what design you should give to the certificate might be time-consuming. Instead, when looking for a ready-made template, you’ll be presented with a wide range of design options among which to choose. This way, you can imagine how you’d like your certificate to look. Plus, you can make the research even more straightforward by filtering the results by price, color, file format, compatibility, price range, reviews, topic, and last category. This way, you’ll get only the results you are truly interested in.

Essential elements of a certificate

When creating a certificate, you should make sure that all the essential elements are included. To help you out, we've listed the most important sections of a certificate you shouldn't miss.


The title should summarize the purpose of the certificate. Generally, the title is written in a larger font if compared to the rest of the text.

Most common certification titles include:

  • certificate of achievement;
  • certificate of appreciation;
  • certificate of completion;
  • certification of excellence;
  • certification of participation;
  • certification of recognition;
  • recognition award;
  • achievement award.

Presentation line

Following the title, you should include one of the following phrases or similar ones:

  • is awarded to;
  • is hereby awarded to;
  • is given to;
  • is presented to.


The recipient section is where you’ll need to write the name and surname of the person that is going to get the certificate. You can emphasize the name somehow, such as with an italic, bold, or decorative font.


After the recipient's name, it is customary to write one of these examples of a line of text:

  • In recognition of [description];
  • For [description;
  • Is hereby awarded this certificate of recognition;
  • Is recognized as [description];
  • Awarded for [description].


In the From section, you should include the name of the organization or company that is issuing the certificate.


The description section is used to describe specific achievements and explains the reason for the award.


The date indicates the day, month, and year on which the award is made.


The signature makes the certificate more legitimate. It’s a good practice to add the printed name beneath the signature line. Usually, it is aligned to the center or right side of the certificate.

Benefits of certification for individuals

Certifications became professional documents. Whether you attended an online course or webinar, you can show them to anyone who might be interested in your skills and knowledge or also as proof of your willingness to learn and keep yourself updated.

When getting a certificate, you consequentially enrich your resume or professional profile, which can please the hiring managers, especially when applying for a job.

Listed below are some of the most pertinent advantages of certifications.

Enhances professional credibility

Some companies and organizations want to engage only those with certain certifications that prove some specific abilities and skills. You can show your commitment to learning through certifications, which can enhance your professional credibility.

Serves as portable proof of ability

If you get a certification after attending an online course, a webinar, or any educational event, you can prove the ability or knowledge you’ve gained through it.

You can use certification to show your competencies also for any job application.

Realize a competitive advantage

Certifications can differentiate you from other applicants when applying for a job. It can give you an advantage, which is of extreme importance in today’s market.

Advantages of issuing certificates for companies

More and more companies and organizations are creating certification programs. At the end of these courses, you'll receive a certificate that shows what you learned throughout the course and what skills you developed.

If you own a business and you're looking to create a program, events, or you're looking to reward your community, a certificate is a must.

Below we listed some of the most relevant advantages of issuing certificates.

Build brand awareness

Whether your company is well-established or a startup, you can provide tangible value to your community. By attracting people's interest in your course or webinar and then issuing a certificate they can use on their social media channels (e.g., LinkedIn), you might reach their social circles, drastically increasing your brand awareness.

Enhance subscriptions and purchases

No matter whether you offer a paid certificate training program, you can use free courses and certifications to attract potential customers to your business. Through your course, they will learn more about your product or service, which increases their likelihood of buying a subscription or making a purchase.

People are motivated to take courses and act if they’ll get certifications

As the value of certification increases, more and more people are willing to attend a course or a webinar, sometimes just for the only purpose of receiving a certificate. As a business, you can leverage this by informing people that they will receive a certificate of completion or participation at the end of the course, event, or webinar.

Certificate Templates Unlimited Download with og体育首页ONE

If you need more than a single certificate template, a subscription to the og体育首页ONE plan might be a more convenient solution for you, which will let you save money and time. It will enable you to access and download unlimited certificate templates and many other digital products designed by experts with the use of professional software.

Certificate template Questions and Answers

What is a certificate template?

The certificate template is a pre-designed document that you can send or give to someone as a token of appreciation and congratulations for achievements.

Does Google Docs have a certificate template?

Yes, Google Docs has certificate templates, among which you can choose. Even if you have a limited budget, you can choose one among the free options.

Can I issue a certificate?

Any company can create its certification programs and issue certificates with no need for accreditation.

What is a certificate of completion?

A certificate of completion is a document issued for meeting minimal occupational course, curriculum, or proficiency requirements.

Where are certificate templates in Word?

  1. Open Word;
  2. Click on New;
  3. In the Search text section, type certificate;
  4. Choose a template and edit it.