Social Media Instagram Education "Sintec"
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Gaming and Esports Post Templates
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Health and Medical Social Media Pack
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Cyber security banner templates
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Social Media Templates to Download - PSD, AI, EPS, PDF formats

Social media templates are very popular and highly demanded.

They help you present your company across various social media platforms in a unique way.

Templates can include various types of content that can benefit your business at any stage of the journey.

Experts typically create templates with the aid of professional software. This ensures the best results in terms of appearance and functionality.

Making use of them means benefiting from professional work even if you do not have any experience in design or with the help of professional programs.

Social media templates at Templateog体育首页

Throughout the Templateog体育首页 marketplace, you can find many social media templates for any type of need.

Each pack includes multiple templates that will cover several concepts or distinct ideas, allowing you the necessary design consistency for your feed.

Every template presents a unique design with original colors, shapes, and fonts.

Even if they’re ready to use, you can edit them using some compatible programs, such as Adobe Photoshop.

Social media template topics

Each social media template relates to a specific topic. Whatever the industry you or your business operate in,

  • food and restaurants;
  • real estate;
  • fashion;
  • school and education;
  • beauty;
  • healthcare and medical;
  • gym;
  • furniture and design;
  • finance;
  • marketing.

File formats

The social media templates you’ll find across the Templateog体育首页 marketplace are available in many formats. Each of them is specifically ideated for a specific purpose. The following are some of the most popular file formats:

  • PSD;
  • AI;
  • EPS;
  • PDF;
  • TXT;
  • SVG;
  • JPG;
  • JPEG.

How to edit social media templates

Although all the social media templates are ready to use, you may need to edit their colors, texts, shapes, or overall designs. In such a case, you may need to use one of the following most popular editing programs:

What to use social media templates for

Social media templates are very versatile and multipurpose. You can use them for each of the following uses:

  • Instagram posts, stories, and ads;
  • Facebook posts and ads;
  • PowerPoint;
  • Twitter.

Social media image sizes

Not all social media platforms require the same image dimensions. There is also a difference in size between posts, stories, and covers.

The following list outlines the different image formats required for any content to help you understand what you need.

Instagram size dimensions

Instagram post size

The Instagram post size requires a width of 1080 pixels with an aspect ratio between 1.91:1 and 4:5.

Instagram story size

The recommended Instagram story size is 1080 x 1920 pixels with an aspect ratio of 9:16.

Facebook dimensions

Facebook post size

The recommended Facebook post size is 1200 x 630 pixels with an aspect ratio of 1.91:1.

Facebook story size

A recommended Facebook story size is 1080 x 1920 pixels with an aspect ratio between 9:16 and 1.91:1.

Facebook cover size

The ideal Facebook cover size is 820 x 312 pixels with an aspect ratio of 16:9.

Twitter dimensions

Twitter post size

The recommended Twitter post size is 1200 x 675 pixels with an aspect ratio between 2:1 and 1:1.

Twitter cover photo size

The ideal Twitter cover photo size is 1500 x 500 pixels with an aspect ratio of 3:1.

Advantages of using social media templates

People prefer buying social media templates over-designing them themselves for several reasons. To make you aware of some of them, we've listed below some of the most relevant benefits you can enjoy when you buy them.

Time and money-saving

One of the first and most relevant advantages of buying ready-made social media templates is saving time and money. Designing them from scratch may require a relatively long time. In addition, if you do not have experience with some software created specifically for their creation, you may need to hire a web designer, which can be quite expensive.

Design consistency

Almost all the templates you find online come in packs. This means you’ll have multiple social media templates to use and publish. Thus, you will be able to guarantee design consistency across your feeds and profiles, ensuring a professional and pleasant appearance.

Professional work

Experts design templates with both software experience and design skills. So when you buy them, you'll get the benefit of professional work without possessing the necessary skills.

Multiple formats

The social media templates are available in multiple formats. Thus, whether you intend to edit them or publish them straightforwardly, you’ll have the complete flexibility to choose the format that is most appropriate for the intended use. Just to make an example, if you’d like to edit the template using Adobe Photoshop, you can opt for its original file format: PSD.


Even if you purchase a template that contains a pre-made layout and style, this doesn't mean you can make little tweaks to make it your own. You can easily use programs and online tools to make the necessary changes to the templates you download following the colors, shapes, and styles you've selected for your brand.

How to choose the right social media graphics

When presented with thousands and thousands of social media graphics, making the right choice can be difficult.

To help you out, we’ve listed below some of the most important details to pay attention to before selecting a pack of graphics or a single template.

Brand identity compatibility

Across all your social media profiles, you should post designs that align with the style you've adapted for your brand. This way, you’ll make sure to guarantee consistency, and users will be more likely to remember your brand or business.


When selecting a template, it’s a good practice to check whether it includes a support service or not. There might be some questions or doubts during its implementation or usage. In such cases, you may need to get immediate answers, which will allow you to save the time you would spend trying to figure out the issue on your own.

Choose the right format

Since templates are available in multiple formats, you need to get the appropriate one for the intended use. If you plan to edit the template with a specific program, you need to choose a format that can be opened and edited. Furthermore, if you intend to implement the template directly into your website or publish it on a social media platform, you need to choose the most appropriate format.

What to post on social media

Using social media allows you to express your creativity. On the other hand, there will be times when you are stuck with new ideas and not sure what to post next. Ghosting is the wrong path to take, especially if you are a business, as people will lose interest in your profile. Therefore, you should be able to post something at least once a day.

We have listed below some of the most popular and appreciated types of content you can post on social media.

Educational content

A user is very likely to appreciate educational content because of its helpfulness and informativeness. This explains why they get a lot of shares and engagements (likes, comments, etc.). You can either inform your followers about your product or services or about a general topic related to the industry in which you operate.

Examples of educational content you can post on social media are infographics, video pieces of training, FAQs, case studies, tips and tricks, how-to posts.

Inspirational content

Inspirational content posts help you connect your brand with your clients and potential customers. Additionally, they receive a high level of engagement on all social media platforms.

Examples of inspirational content you can post on social media include quotes, images, personal stories.

Interactive content

Engaging with your audience is a fantastic way to entertain them and get feedback to improve your marketing approach.

Examples of interactive content you can post include quizzes, polls, games, contests, questions.

Connecting content

Connecting content posts allow you to get closer to your followers. This will enable you to share your story and add a personal touch, which will hopefully trigger emotions.

Examples of connecting content posts include behind the scenes, stories, personal images/videos, employee features, thanking fans.

Promotional content

During the last few years, promotional content posts have become increasingly popular.

Your followers, clients, and potential customers will be informed about your latest releases and promotions, which will motivate them to act (purchase, subscription, and so on).

Examples of promotional content posts include promotions, discounts, client testimonials, webinars, freebies.

Newsworthy content

Although they’re not suitable for any type of business, newsworthy content posts are popular and widely appreciated by the community.

You can either share news taken from trustworthy sites or create and post your own. In the second case, you may need many resources and a relatively long time.

Entertaining content

One of the most popular and appreciated types of content posts is the entertaining one. People like to laugh or be amused, so sharing a positive experience will make them feel good.

Entertaining content can also help you gain customer loyalty, strengthen your brand identity, and get closer to your potential customers.

Types of entertaining content posts include puzzles, memes, jokes, viral videos, comics, giveaways.

Social Media Templates Unlimited Download with og体育首页ONE

If your goal requires more than a single pack of social media templates, buying them separately might be expensive and could take time. If this is your case, a subscription to the og体育首页ONE plan might be the right solution for your needs. It will enable you to access and download unlimited social media templates and many other graphics designed by experts from all around the world.

Social media templates FAQ

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing comprises social media platforms to connect with your audience and potential customers, build your brand, increase your sales, and drive website traffic.

What are social media templates?

Social media templates are images that businesses can use on various social media networks to help increase the organic reach of their posts.

How much do social media templates cost?

A package of social media graphics can cost anywhere between $10 and $100.

What are the best social media platforms for marketing?

Some of the most popular social media platforms for marketing include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn.

What is the best program to edit social media posts?

Photoshop is one of the best programs for editing social media posts professionally. The software provides all the tools you will need for editing of any kind.